[번역] Microsoft Azure는 무엇인가요?

Microsoft Azure is a collection of coordinated cloud services which designers, developers, and IT experts use to build, develop, and oversee applications through a worldwide system of datacenters. With Azure, you get the opportunity to assemble and send the data wherever you need, utilizing the devices and great tools, applications and frameworks of your decision and by connecting cloud and on-premises with consistent hybrid cloud capabilities and using open source technologies. 

However, you might have a question first; i.e., What is a cloud?. Read about that in my previous article “What is Cloud Computing?“. You might know the basics of cloud computing as of now but still, might be confused between the link of Cloud and Azure. Don’t worry! I’ll help you fix that up.
Azure is an associate degree internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft knowledge centers, that provides associate degree software and a group of developer services which can be used one by one or together. Azure’s versatile and practical platform may be accustomed to build new applications to run from the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based capabilities. Its open design offers developers the selection to make .NET applications, applications running on connected devices, PCs, servers, or hybrid solutions giving the simplest of online and on-premises.

Azure reduces the necessity for upfront technology purchases, and it permits developers to quickly and simply produce applications running within the cloud by the utilization of their existing skills with the Microsoft Visual Studio development atmosphere and also the Microsoft .NET Framework. Additionally, to manage the code languages supported by .NET, Azure can support additional programming languages and development environments within the close future. Azure simplifies maintaining of in-operation applications by providing on-demand cipher and storage to host, scale, and manage internet and connected applications. Infrastructure management is machine-driven with a platform that’s designed for prime accessibility and dynamic scaling to match usage wants with the choice of a pay-as-you-go evaluation model. Azure provides an open, standards-based and practical atmosphere with support for multiple net protocols, as well as HTTP, REST, SOAP, and XML.

Azure as a Productive and Hybrid Cloud for Developers

Azure has integrated tools, from mobile DevOps to serverless computing, to support your productivity. Build the approach you would like to, and use the tools and open supply technologies you already recognize. Azure supports a variety of operational systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices

  1. Continuously introduce and deliver high-quality apps.
  2. Provide cross-device experiences with support for all major mobile platforms.
  3. Run any stack, Linux-based or Windows-based, and use advanced capabilities like Kubernetes cluster in Azure instrumentation Service.

Build and deploy where you wish with Azure, the sole consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Connect information and apps within the cloud and on-premises—for the most mobility and best price from your existing investments. Azure offers hybrid consistency in application development, management and security and identity management, across the info platform. Use Azure to make data-driven, intelligent apps. From image recognition to larva services, make the most of Azure knowledge services and computing to make new experiences—that scale—and support deep learning, HPC simulations, and time period analytics on any form and size of information.

Getting Started

Start free right now to develop applications on Azure using this official link “Start with Microsoft Azure“. You get $200 as initial credits when you start for free, further you have plenty of options like using yearly subscriptions or Pay-as-you-go where you only pay for what you use, if you stop the service for some part of the time, you stop paying for that part of the time.

Azure for Students

Some basic features of Azure are free for students with no limit as they tend to innovate, imagine, and build amazing things for the future. For more details, follow this link “Azure for Students“.

Hope this helps!!

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